We are ORDINARY people sharing the

EXTRAORDINARY grace of Jesus.


Uganda and Kenya 2019

Mission Updates 


We arrived bearing gifts with eager hearts, full of enthusiasm for the task at hand. We settled our belongings in for the long drive and slipped away from the airport into the familiar culture shock that was Uganda.

A quick stop at a local restaurant gave us a chance to adjust while we drank sweet coffees and ate French fries; one of the only familiar foods on the menu.

After two failed attempts to relieve ATM machines of a reasonable amount of Ugandan shillings and a quick stop in a public bathroom guarded by a sleeping attendant, we were off!

The new highway eased us into as we hummed along through the jungle. The trees faded into the Papyrus fields of swamp; where so many people retrieve the reeds that would be dyed and woven into mats and baskets for market.

The traffic became dense as we approached the towns that now dotted the highway. Before too long the highway ended in a knot of drivers vying for the two and sometimes three lanes of space that would allow them to navigate the construction zone along the end of the new highway. Our team members, who had never experienced Uganda, had a good (nervous) laugh. They couldn’t believe the way the drivers slipped in and out of lanes and lines without destroying their vehicles or running over the persistent boda-bodas. These motorcycle drivers were fearless as they made their way through the dense mob of cars, ferrying their passengers home or to other destinations.

Soon enough we arrived at the home of our hosts, Peter and Joeline Sewakiryanga. Only the housekeeper was home with three of their four children. It was a relief to be in a familiar place. We unloaded all 12 of our suitcases and put them in our bedroom for safekeeping. Within minutes our hosts arrived home.

It was so good to catch up and catch up on their lives, plans and struggles. I quickly slipped out to reorganize the suitcase contents to ensure each of our contacts in Africa would receive what we had brought for them. Of course a couple of our locks had been cut and high value items stolen, but I found surprising quantity of our gifts intact.

It didn’t take long to settle in. We were hopeful that a good night’s sleep would help to reduce the swelling in our ankles after the 36+ hour journey. As expected, I slept like the dead.

Our breakfast and fresh coffee were ready quickly after we rose. The housekeeper, Perth, was a willing helper and made sure we had plenty of food available whenever we were there. We ate, gathered our gifts for Kyampisi and quickly jumped in Peter’s UN jeep.

Specific ways to pray

  1. Please continue to pray for protection, that the Lord would go before and behind us

  2. Pray that the Lord would give us discernment and that we would be able to see what He would have us see in Mityana

  3. Pray that we would be an encouragement to Ruth, Moses, the children of Hope Builders, and the school teachers.

  4. Pray for unity and relational health in the team and with the Ugandan pastors and leaders

  5. Pray for the hearts of the guardians who have taken in children to be softened towards the children. That they would see them the way the Lord sees them-as precious. And that they would believe the gospel of Jesus if they don’t already

  6. Pray for divine appointments with trustworthy people who God wants to connect us with

  7. Pray we stay physically well