Non-Negotiable Distinctives

The church belongs to Jesus not any man or organization (John 3:27-30) therefore:

  1. We are following the leading of the Spirit
  2. We believe no one man will make decisions. Plurality of leadership.
  3. We believe the core group will have a certain amount of input and buy-in. The church is the people’s. Not RTs
  4. We will celebrate the fruit of the Spirit, not the efforts of man. There are no rock stars. 
  5. We will make sure our families remain our primary ministry.
  6. We will check everything against scripture. 
  7. The gospel is not just the diving board, it’s the pool. Christians grow not by going beyond the gospel, but deeper into the gospel.
  8. We believe discipleship happens in relationship.
  9. We live sufficiently, give extravagantly.
  10. We believe the best about others.
  11. We believe to shepherd God’s bride is a privilege not a burden. Anyone who desires leadership in the church should feel absolutely blessed to be considered worthy. 
  12. We believe love is the most essential element of leadership.
  13. We believe the Bible isn’t simply a book of rules. It is the written Word that points us to the Living Word- Jesus. We believe Gospel grace is the power for salvation and sanctification with glorification as the ultimate destination. 
  14. We will preach pure law and pure grace. Not an attainable “new law” that nullifies the need for Jesus and His grace.
  15. We believe making disciples is the mission Jesus gave his church. 
  16. We believe the mission is people who make up the church. They matter more than production, process, and program. Therefore, we will pursue excellence in all things; mainly in love- as 1 Corinthians 13 states.
  17. We will be about local AND global outreach. 
  18. We will make sure no one in our care goes uncared for, no one in the communities we live goes uncared for and no one who cannot care for themselves ANYWHERE goes uncared-for. 
  19. We trust in the absolute sovereignty of God and His goodness toward His people. 
  20. We believe in the responsibility of man as taught in the Bible. 
  21. We believe the church should be together as a community, and should be the church in the community. Acts church is the example. 
  22. We don’t put faith in any one model or man-made strategy or method. We want to be biblical and flexible as well as innovative as needed. Contextually relevant as well as spirit led.
  23. We live in the incalculable ways of God, seeking to live by faith and not by sight because God wants Jesus dependent people not self-reliant people. 
  24. We believe in the absolute freedom of believers because of Christ- It Is Finished life, death, resurrection!
  25. We believe we are free to fail- to be transparent- Jesus is great on my behalf, so I don’t have to pretend I am
  26. We believe Jesus came for the unlovable people. Because that’s all there are. 
  27. We believe the Holy Spirit wants to live perfectly through every one of us.
  28. We believe in the priesthood of all believers- there is no more curtain- Jesus tore it in two.
  29. We will be a people that intentionally pours into the next generation in a way that conveys the unmatched value of Christ
  30. We will afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.
  31. We will be a Jesus ruled, elder led in their gifting’s, Congregationally accountable body.
  32. We will be fluid in leadership- more organic- bottom-up Leadership with plurality of elders
    We will have a waterfall discipleship where every elder is responsible to pour into a certain # of men, etc.
  33. Deacons will prove themselves as servants before they can led (toilet cleaning mentality).
  34. We will lead out of weakness so that the power of God is made manifest among us (jars of clay).
  35. We will hold to the historical doctrines of the Christian faith as outlined by the early church Creeds ( ; ; ; )and by the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message: